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Class of 2024  ~ Why Choose Trammel Photo?


Quality. Individuality. Fun. Relaxing. Exciting. Awesome.


These are just a few of the adjectives our seniors use to describe their experience with Keith Trammel Creative Portraiture.


Unlike the "factory sized" studios who photograph thousands of seniors, Keith strictly limits the number of sessions we allow in order to give each of our seniors our undivided attention.  That means a personalized and private session that focuses on who YOU ARE, not on what others want you to be! 


No washed out faces with no detail that someone tells you is "fashion"... its really just a tired old style that was in "fashion" 10 years ago... do you want senior portraits from 10 years ago? NO!


With the most extensive REAL OUTDOOR sets (not fake sets) we offer beautiful and natural environments that include15 foot waterfalls, pond scenes, an antique vehicle, rustic barn sets, unbelievable gardens and contemporary urban sets that rival a Hollywood movie lot! 


With 28 years experience photographing seniors, Keith still leads the way with a fresh and innovative approach to senior portraits.  Keith is also the ONLY photographer in New York elected to the Contemporary Photographers Society... and elite organization of the top 50 photographers in the country. His unique approach allows for a collaborative creative connection with you... your input and ideas are listened to and incorporated into each image... and that means he captures the real you.


We recognize that you have a choice in who you choose to create your senior portraits.  We also know that you will be inundated with hundreds of offers that promise everything for almost nothing... sadly, in this world there will always be someone willing to make something a little worse and sell it for a little less.


We choose to deliver what we promise.  The highest quality and most creative senior portraits at a fair value. We guarantee it.  Period. 


When quality, craftsmanship, individuality, fun, and value are important, there can be no other choice.


 Trammel Creative Portraiture.  A better

portrait, a better experience,

a better value!


You've got questions...

We've got answers!


Soon your junior will be a senior, and it is

time to select a photographer for senior portraits.

Too often parents are confused or misinformed about the

process of having senior portraits created.


As a professional photographer who has been creating senior portraits for nearly 25 years, I have prepared this guide to help you be better informed about the senior portrait process and help you make a wise investment.


Please remember this guide's three most important messages:

1). In New York State, you have the legal right to select the photographer of you choice. Your child's school may suggest a photographer, but the final choice is yours.

2). A senior portrait is a once in a lifetime experience. Expect personalized service from the studio you select! Make this a positive experience!

3). Review samples of work from a studio either on their web site or at a no obligation visit to the studio before selecting a photographer.


Here are a list of the most common questions we are asked when discussing senior portraits with parents:


Q. Who submits the required photograph to the yearbook advisor for publication?

A. We do! We know all the specifications and deadlines for submitting yearbook pictures to all the schools! Senior portraits have been our business for many years. Getting each and every student's yearbook picture delivered on time and to the right people is a responsibility we take very seriously!


Q. When should you schedule the senior portrait session?

A. Don't wait until your senior year! Deadlines for submitting yearbook pictures are always in the fall, so most seniors are photographed in the summer before the senior year. We get calls from seniors from 15 local high schools asking to be photographed in July and August. Because of the personal attention we give each of our seniors, there are only a limited number of session times available. We offer "early bird" promotions to encourage students to schedule their appointment early! 


Q. Why do so many seniors choose Keith Trammel Photographic for their senior portraits?

A. Quality, creativity, reliability, experience, professionalism, service, friendly staff, variety, black and white photography, sepia toned images, color tints, etc. etc. etc..... Our studio has developed the most sophisticated interactive outdoor sets in New York State. We have a huge natural pond with a country dock, huge walk-in waterfalls, wildflower gardens, a country dock, formal gardens, pillars, a rustic barn set, graffiti wall, and a large natural wooded forest.... the list is extensive and our seniors enjoy them all! In addition, we have a spacious indoor camera room that contains dozens of backgrounds and sets, including large bay and picture windows for beautiful and soft available light photography.


Q. How do I choose my portraits?

A. At most studios you will wait several weeks just to get a first glimpse at your portraits. At our studio, we will schedule your review appointment as quickly as the next day! We'll guide you through the selection process using our state of the art multi-media preview system and show you all the creative possibilities and lend our expert advice on what images show you off the best. After selecting your portraits, we will have your finished prints ready in about 4-8 weeks... ready to start enjoying!


Q. How much should I expect to spend?

A. Pricing is important in everything we purchase, but if you choose a photographer who takes mediocre pictures, any money spent is wasted. Don't let this happen to you! All of our senior portrait packages are designed to offer the widest variety of options to meet virtually any need.


Remember, we are fair and honest people... if you have a budget, please let us know and we will do our best to help you stay on track! All our portraits are delivered professionally mounted in elegant gift boxes. Wallet portraits are die cut with classy rounded corners.  Some people spend under $400 and some people spend over $800... but the bottom line is that you spend what YOU want, we don't tell you what you must spend!




Q. What if I am not satisfied with my portraits?

A. We are so sure that you will love your portraits, we offer a better than money back guarantee! If you are not happy with your portraits, we will take more to your liking, or refund all your money PLUS $5.00!


On a personal note.... 

I own this studio. Every portrait I create has my name on it. I pour every ounce of myself into creating portraits you will be proud to display and give to your family, and I take the trust you give me very seriously. I personally promise you that you will get my best and honest effort every time you visit my studio. 

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